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Welcome to!

Welcome to!
Ukraine is abundant in all tourist attractions for travellers eager to learn more about the surrounding world, peoples inhabiting it, their history and folkways.
Boundless steppes, thick forests, groves, towering mountains, warm and caressing seas, wide rivers, cave labyrinths - put together, this cannot attract tourists. Add to this numerous nature preserves, dendrological parks, rich museum collections, historical and cultural landmarks, unique creations of artisans and the picture becomes truly unforgettable:
A modern tourist industry has a wide network of hotels, camping grounds, resorts, tourist lodges. At present, Ukraine's tourist facilities can accomodate 10 000 000 visitors.

Ukrainians are a hospitable nation. One of the oldest traditions is to meet guests with bread and salt, saying "Welcome!".
The best place to rest and to enjoy yourself the year round is the Crimea Hore you will find comfortable hotels, restaurants, bars and cafes, tennis courts, gyms, saunas, movie and concert halls, casinos and variety shows, and beautiful beach. You can gon on exciting tours of Yalta and trips across the peninsula. You can travel by bus, by pleasure ships, by delta planes and helicopters.