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UM-Air is a popular Ukraine airline

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UM-Air is a popular Ukraine airline

UM-Air is a popular Ukraine airline
Among the absolute leaders in the Ukraine airline market UM-Air holds a prominent place and proves its high competitiveness.
It goes without saying that UM-Air (JSC "Ukraine-Mediterranean Airlines ") is one of the most promising and rapidly developing Ukraine airlines that provides regular, charter, passenger, domestic and international services.
This airline was founded in 1998, with charter and regular flights to have been launched from June, 2000. The head-quarters of this Ukraine airline are situated in Kiev (Ukraine) and the main office is set in the international Boryspil Airport.
UM-Air is one of the most popular Ukraine airlines the flight geography of which at this very moment includes charter and regular flights to Lebanon, Iran, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Russia, Belorussia, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Jordan and other countries.
This reliable airline provides services not only in the international market but also covers the requirements of the domestic traffic with it operating flights to the following destinations: Uzhgorod, Chernovtsy, Simferopol, Kharkov, Odessa. Generally speaking, the services of this airline are in great demand both among leisure travelers and those on business.
According to the research sources, UM-Air is in the stage of its permanent advancement. Thus, during the period of 2004 about 400.000 passengers were transported by air; in the year 2005 this number increased up to 450.000 persons. Increase in labor force is also supposed to be a direct proof of the airlines’ splashing success and its policy expansion. In 2002 the staff of UM-Air airlines consisted of only 117 persons, nowadays the number of workers amounts to some 700 persons.
Affordable ticket prices as well as a wide range of various discounts and bonus programs make the services of UM-Air airlines highly competitive and attractive for all categories of passengers. The aircraft departure time is arranged in such a way that during the stay in transit airports the passengers do not have to waste their time waiting for continuation of the flight and changing for another aircraft.
UM-Air airlines keeps on expanding its destinations net; thus, next year the air-carrier is planning to introduce new regular flights: Simferopol – Tashkent, Simferopol – Amman, Kharkov – Baku.
Today UM-Air airline is a successful company that combines the components typical of every prosperous Ukraine airline, namely the following ones:

  • Convenient flights schedule both for domestic and international destinations operated by ?-320, DC-9, ??-134 VIP, AN-24 aircrafts;

  • Wide net of tickets sale;

  • Flights-safety guarantee;

  • High-quality services on earth and during the flight;

  • Constantly increasing package of services for the passengers, comfortable business-class at reasonable prices;

  • Professional combination of European services quality and traditions of Ukrainian hospitality.

So, welcome on board and enjoy the flight!

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“AeroSvit –Ukrainian Airlines” as a reliable and safe airlines
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