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Bonuses and incentive programs for the passengers flying a lot

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Bonuses and incentive programs for the passengers flying a lot

Nowadays in the Ukrainian market there are a lot of airlines competing to attract as many clients as possible. It is really a gambling task… To find the right marketing strategy, to introduce appropriate conditions for the incentive programs to be efficient.
Ukraine airlines try to develop the best offers for their clients in order to strengthen the relationship with permanent passengers and turn this relationship into a long-lasting cooperation based on mutual trust and incentives.
Thus, almost all big airlines have such programs; among these companies one can also see Ukraine airlines offering ‘Meridian’, ‘PanoramaClub’, ‘Flying Dutchman’ programs.

"Meridian" ‘AeroSvit’ airlines
"AeroflotBonus" ‘Aeroflot’ airlines
"PanoramaClub " International Ukraine Airlines
"Qualiflyer" "Swiss Air Lines", "Sabena", "LOT", "Turkish airlines", "Air Littorial", "Jal", "Quantas", "Cathay Pacific", "American Airlines", "Air Portugal"
"Sky Miles" "Delta", "Air France", "Aeromexico", "United", "Air Jamaica", "South African Airlines"
"Miles&More" "Lufthansa", "Austrian Airlines", "Tyrolean", "Lauda Air"
"Flying Dutchman" KLM, International Ukraine Airlines
"Executive Club" "British Airways", "Air Lingus", "American Airlines", "Cathay Pacific", "Iberia", "Finnair", "Quantas".

In general, bonus programs can be divided into two groups:

  • Bonus as a possibility to get a gratis flight;

  • Bonus in the form of improving of flight conditions – class upgrading or receiving extra comforts before boarding an aircraft (ticket reservation privileges, priority servicing, etc.)

The majority of accumulative programs feature a club card on which the balls are piled on. It should be presented when buying a ticket. A lot of Ukraine airlines enable the owners of the first-class cards to exchange the accumulated balls for a bonus package, priority registration or business-hall services. As soon as the balls quantity amounts say to 100000, the card of this class turns into a silver card. This kind of card also grants many benefits, including overload baggage privileges and ability to pass these benefits to the family members.
As a rule, Ukraine airlines offer their passengers a gratis flight for every tenth or eleventh domestic flight and for every sixth international flight.
Yet, such incentive programs are not the ones a passenger should always keep a check on. Due to the existence of table systems of balls calculation for the flights performed the control is carried out automatically, depending on the flying range and a class of servicing. Cities of final destination are divided into several price zones for which a definite quantity of basic balls is set.
Besides, one should keep in mind that even a free-of-charge ticket is not actually gratis. Of course, it’s a mere trifle, yet you’ll have to pay airport charges and fill in a special form. However, if you fly three-four times a year, it’s really an incredible option Ukraine airlines can offer and it’s a sin not to take advantage of such an offer!
Apart from material incentives in the form of gratis flights, Ukraine airlines suggest other extra-services, namely:
  • Upgrade of services level;

  • Priority ticket reservation at business-class desk;

  • Invitation to the business-hall of an airline; possibility to be accompanied by another passenger (when traveling together);

  • A guaranteed economy-class ticket, provided that the reservation had been made not less than 48 hours before the departure of a regular flight aircraft;

  • Increased priority in the waitlist when a flight is totally reserved;

  • 15-25 kg of a free baggage in addition to the free baggage limit set for a definite destination and for a definite services class;

  • Credit arrangement in balls;

  • Speeded customs and passport check procedures;

  • Discounts in the airport shops and restaurants;

  • A range of banking services: special deposit conditions, safe cells rental, money-lending, special insurance program for the entities going abroad and traveling inside Ukraine.

In the majority of cases Ukraine airlines cooperate with various corporate partners. So, when buying something in the shops, visiting fitness-centers or restaurants you are likely to accumulate balls, if an establishment is related to the net of one of its partners.
How to choose an appropriate program? It’s better to subscribe for the programs of all airlines operating flights from your city and once a card is issued and submitted to you, attentively to study the list of airlines’ partners. Next step is to find out all information needed as for the incentives and special programs the airlines provide and thoroughly read it for you to keep up with all details and particularities.
Of course, all offered programs are not ideal and have many shortcomings: they are too much complex and intricate for an ordinary traveler. Nevertheless, Ukraine airlines go on developing and simplifying the programs as well as working out new projects. Cooperation with a client on the one hand, and ability to move further despite the rough and the smooth on the other hand, are of key importance for the development of the aviation market as a whole.

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